Just Know The Rummy Rules and You Can Earn Amazing Rewards

During such tough times, everyone needs an outlet. In today’s time, technology has taken over the world and made it a lot easier for all of us to communicate with each other; that too through various social media platforms. With friends and family staying miles away, it is very difficult to not get bored and frustrated. It is at this point that rummy comes into the equation. Being one of the most enjoyed card games of all time, it is still enjoyed by people of all ages. Not only is it a source of joy but also of extra income. Just know the rummy rules and start earning amazing rewards.

The few rules of rummy that every player must know

If you are a beginner you must read up the rummy rules very well before beginning to play the games online. But if you are already acquainted with them, you must develop more advanced skills and techniques in order to earn cash prizes, bonus points and other rewards. Therefore, follow the rules of the card game of rummy and see how you climb up the ladder to success.

  • The basics:

The game is played by 2-6 players with 2 decks of cards. The rest of the cards are kept aside as the remaining deck. The player, who gets to arrange his cards in sequences with the lowest points and declare them the soonest, wins the game.

  • Card points:

Every card has a point value. For the cards numbered from 2-10, the point value is equal to their face value. But in the case of the Ace, Jack, Queen and King cards of all the suits, the point value of each is 10 points. Therefore, try keeping the cards with the lowest points in your bunch and discard the high-point cards.

  • Making sequences:

There are two types – 1) Pure sequences, like that of three 5s or four 8s or consecutive sets of, say, 4, 5, 6, ad 7 and 2) Impure sequences, where a joker card acts as a substitute for a missing card in the sequence.

  • Importance of joker cards:

Joker cards help in maintaining low points. Whether they are wild card jokers (any number card selected at random from the deck) or an actual printed Joker card, they have zero point value. Thus, making impure sequences lowers your overall point.

  • Strategies:

You’ll only be able to learn new tricks if you practice more. Each rummy game is different from the other and requires new strategies. Therefore, practice on free games more to learn more tricks before moving on to cash games.


Rummy might seem to be quite a difficult game to master. But if you get to know the rummy rules very well you will find it easier to deal with the techniques and strategies of the game. Therefore, be well aware of the rules of the game and earn amazing rewards by winning them.

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